What are chelsea boots - how to wear them?

Women's slippers are a rather specific form of footwear, associated mainly with equestrianism. This association does not come from nowhere. They are distinguished by a rather high, as they reach above the ankle, upper and a flat sole. No wonder they are considered an elegant, fashionable and eye-catching garment. In the following article, we will check when it is appropriate to wear slippers and which styles they will go with.

Women's slippers - the essentials

The slippers have their own charm. They go well with many types of dresses and trousers. What's more, you can take them to both less and more formal meetings. Besides, classic slippers are elegant and fashionable footwear that can also be worn in bad weather. The well-protected leather surface of the footwear is resistant to moisture and large temperature differences. They will give your styling a whole new character. The flat heel makes it easier to move on more challenging ground. In a word - brown or black women's slippers is a must-have wardrobe item. 

What to wear with slippers? Which styles will they go with?

So much for the practical dimension of slippers. So, let's move on to the actual part of this article, in which we will discuss what women's slippers can be worn with and how to create an eye-catching look with them.

Lace-up boots for trousers and skirt

Do you like to wear masculine styles? If you do, then slingbacks will certainly fit the bill. Wear them with denim trousers that are long enough so that the leg doesn't cover the top of the shoe. This will make your outfit look casual yet elegant. In addition to jeans, opt for slightly thicker, darker-toned suede trousers. For a comfortable outfit, pair with slippers, light trousers and a classic shirt. Top it off with a classic coat or a slightly oversized jumper. 

How and with what to wear women's slingbacks in the office?

If you're wondering if slingbacks are the right platform on which to base your office fashion dress code, we have good news for you. Black flat sole shoes will not only match your office style, but will also keep you as comfortable as possible. So what's a good idea to choose to go with sable shoes? In this case, opt for a pencil skirt or a little black or midi dress. Also opt for a jacket to complete your outfit. You can also create an office cut using formal trousers, a blazer and a cigarette jacket. Remember that, as in the previous case, the slingbacks should be open-toe. 

Brown and black slippers for dresses and other less formal outfits

You can also wear slippers with less formal outfits. They will be the perfect complement to your autumn outfit, for example during romantic meetings for two. You can also choose them for different activities. After all, these shoes were made for horse riding. But back to the outfit, suede slippers can be worn with any length of dress, or even with a checked style. Pair them with a ramon jacket or denim jacket to look fashionable and feminine. Keep in mind that women's slingbacks are quite a versatile form of clothing that you can combine with a variety of garments.

Elegant and fashionable slippers - why choose them for your look?

Styling with slippers can be very elaborate. It's no secret that slippers are versatile shoes with a very interesting design. The famous black boots can be dressed up for any occasion, and they bring a simple cut to the styling. Besides, it is important to remember that they are fashionable shoes that are matched with trousers, dresses and skirts. When choosing footwear for these famous riding boots, it is important to remember to keep the top uncovered. 

To sum it up, now you know what to wear your slippers with. You can wear them every day, but remember that you will keep your look fashionable when you opt for simplicity and elegance.