How do you size up Blundstone?

One of the key elements of using Blundstone shoes is precise sizing. In today's post, we'll help you through this process so you can enjoy maximum comfort on a daily basis.

1. Blundstone Sizing System - British numbering.

Blundstone uses British numbering. For your convenience, below you will find a size conversion table to European (EUR) numbering and length in millimetres. Remember that Blundstone should fit both in terms of length and in the main metatarsal area.

Size Chart: Unisex (Classics/Dress/Lug Boots/Originals)

Tabela rozmiarów: Damskie modele

Tabela rozmiarów: Thermals

Size charts: Kid's

2. Half sizes.

Half sizes differ in width, not length. The difference relates to the hoof's tenacity, which affects the width, not the length. If you have a wider foot, the half sizes are for you, whereas if you have a slim foot, we recommend choosing the overall sizes, for example 37 EU - 4 UK.

3. additional insert.

If the shoe fits in terms of length, but you feel some play in the midfoot, the Classics series features an extra insole. You can place it underneath the insole proper for an even better fit and comfort.

Blundstone is a great choice if you are looking for versatile shoes for all seasons. However, remember that the right size is the key to comfort! Make sure your choice is tailored to both the length and shape of your foot.

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