1. The terms and conditions you have before you define the terms and conditions of the shop and the rights and obligations of our customers.

2 The administrator of the personal data on the shop's website is the company BALTAZ sp.z o o based in Gdańsk, 70 Nowiec Street, 80-293 Gdańsk. NIP: 9571115965.

3. The mailing address where the office is located (i.e. this is where we collect and send parcels!):

BALTAZ sp.z o o

Ul. Kościuszki 7/9

80-451 Gdańsk


Nr. Tel. : 885 292 999


1. The shoes we sell are original and in no way have ever been used! You are assured that you are getting a brand new piece. 

2. The shop accepts orders 24/7 (but staff are available Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, keep this in mind!).

3. You can only place an order via the website If you need any help with the ordering process - please contact us! We will explain what to click where.

4. The confirmation of your order is an e-mail containing your order number. Not received? Call us! Technology sometimes plays tricks, but we will rescue the situation.

5. The prices on the website include VAT. 

6. You can shop with us in the currency of the PLN

7. We have not hidden any additional charges in the product price. 

8. Prices, like everyone else, can change over time. We reserve the right to defend their freedom in this regard. Of course, this does not apply to the prices shown in the order confirmation that you will receive from us if you place an order and we confirm that there is no obstacle with its fulfilment.


The product is already in your shopping basket? Find out what awaits you next:

1 As a customer, you undertake to provide truthful data when filling in the form. After all, you don't want your product to go missing in unexplained circumstances, do you?

2. it is mandatory to tick the consents for data processing.

3. Consent to receive the newsletter is voluntary. But do you really want to miss out on the next promotion?

4. At this stage, you also have the option of creating an account. You can save your data in this way and only click on subsequent orders. At your request, we can always delete your account without leaving a trace.


1. We send parcels via GLS courier or InPost parcel service. For non-EU orders we are served by DHL Express.

2. At the stage of selecting the shipment, the price appears and is not negotiable.

3. If your order is over PLN 100, you get free shipping! Why not take this into consideration?

4. Cash on delivery does not apply to free delivery.

5. In exceptional cases we may refuse to send a cash on delivery parcel.

6. We dispatch packages within two working days from Monday to Friday, unless there is a public holiday. Then you will have to wait a little longer.

7. From the moment the parcel is posted, the courier has 48 hours to deliver your shoes. However, he usually manages 24 hours.

8. Parcels are only delivered on working days. If we send your parcel on a Friday, the waiting time will unfortunately be extended by the weekend.

9. pay attention to the telephone number you provide. This is where the courier may call to arrange delivery details, so it had better be correct!

10. All shipments are accompanied by a receipt or invoice and a return/exchange form. If you have missed something - let us know! We will send you everything by e-mail.


1. Your capabilities are as follows:

•  PayPal - you can use this payment either as a PayPal user or by choosing to pay by card or Przelewy24. Your payment in this case will also appear with us immediately.

• Traditional transfer - an option for the patient and meticulous. Requires payment within 7 days of ordering and the order number in the title of the transfer. PLEASE NOTE: This form of payment is not subject to automatic confirmation. Such an order will maintain the status "awaiting payment by bank transfer" until it changes to "sent". Payment details can be found at the very end of the terms and conditions.

• Cash on delivery - paying the courier when you collect your parcel. Please note that this option is more expensive and free shipping does not apply!

2. We include a proof of purchase with every order - for the Polish customer this is by default a receipt. If you wish to receive a VAT invoice, please write to us immediately after ordering, providing full invoice information!

3. Orders not paid for within 7 days of the order date will be cancelled. If you know that you will not make it in the indicated time - please write to us!


1. The obvious issue is the shoes. What to do if they have not arrived in the condition you would expect will be found out further on in the RETURNS AND EXCHANGES section.

2. We'll repeat ourselves, but it's worth pointing out - you'll find your proof of purchase, be it an invoice or a receipt, in every order. However, if it is to be an invoice - please let us know as soon as you place your order. Otherwise your chance is gone!

3. That big white piece of paper with the words on it is the return and exchange form, which is your ace up your sleeve if something is wrong.

4. Remember to check the product you have received upon receipt! If something is wrong, inform us immediately. We will not ask excessive questions (only those really necessary) and will take back the faulty product from you. As far as stock levels allow, we will replace it with a new one. However, if the shelves are empty - we will refund the full value of your order.


1 There are times when we are unable to fulfil your order. A factory, supplier, transport, technology, oversight... all in our way!

2. But don't worry - we will offer you the following solutions depending on your situation:

•  Extended waiting time: if you care about the product more than the time, you can simply wait.

•  Partial fulfilment: if your order includes more than one product, you can receive part of it.

•  Order modification: Your product we don't have, but maybe you like something else? You can choose a different product, with a surcharge for the more expensive product or a partial refund for the cheaper product.

•  Cancellation: if you feel that none of the above options captivates you, you can decide to cancel your order.

3. In case of any inconvenience in the purchasing process - contact us! We are the last to leave customers alone. Together we will try to remedy any problem encountered.


1. Need time to think? We give you as many as 101 days to decide if you want to keep the product.

2. There is, of course, one 'but' - the shoes must be absolutely new and unused. Any sign of use will negate any chance of including them back in the sale.

3. Please return the products in their original packaging.

4. Remember to enclose proof of purchase (receipt, invoice or alternatively an email confirming your order).

5. It is also necessary to include return or exchange form. You will find it in one sheet in your order. Write out either the RETURN page or the EXCHANGE page and send back the products with the confidence that we will know what you need from us.

6. You are free to choose which postal or courier services you wish to use to send us your parcel. However, this option comes with a commitment - the cost of sending us the parcel is your responsibility.

7. Unless you use the, search for on the list and send your parcel by following the instructions. This option is completely free for you! You can confidently use it for both returns and exchanges.

8. Sent? Great. We'll pick up the package soon, and we have 14 days from receipt to make a decision on your case.

9. If you haven't heard from us - that's counterintuitively good news! Go ahead and refresh your bank account or check for a new package. However, if your return or exchange is rejected, we undertake to let you know.

10. If you exchange a product, we will send you a new pair at our expense the first time. However, fit your shoes decently, as any subsequent exchange will be on your side!

11. In the event of a return, the funds will return to your account via the same route as they were paid to us. PayPal, bank transfer - whatever you choose, your payment will know the way home.

12. Psst... If you're not sure you'll keep the product, pay through any of the transaction services. Something tells us that such money will come back to you the fastest.

13. Oh, and under no circumstances send us anything COD! We won't pay for such a package, it will come back to you - it's a waste of effort.


1. You are assured that the goods are in conformity with the contract and that you can claim for shoes that have clearly failed, for example by losing the sole.

2. To make a claim, pack the damaged nickels in any box, enclose the complaint form and proof of purchase and send it back to our address. Unless you use the website, search for on the list and send your parcel by following the instructions. This option is completely free for you!

3. You will be informed within 14 days of our receipt of the parcel about the further fate of your shoes.

4. We do not accept complaints by email or telephone! We can help and advise you via this route, but the complaints process will only start once we have received your shoes.

5. We won't hide anything from you - as soon as the surveyor has established what he or she is supposed to establish, you will be told what the subsequent procedure will look like.

6. Unfortunately, we will not accept everything you send us as a claim. Here are a few issues that may cause your complaint to be rejected:

•    Damage due to lack of or inadequate maintenance: don't spare your shoes a bit of care, they will thank you for it in a crisis situation!

•    Damage from misuse: do you like to tie your shoes in an unusual way? Twist the laces around your ankle? Great, creativity is key! But bear in mind that whatever you come up with - the eye of our expert will recognise whether this may have contributed to the damage indicated.

•    Mechanical damage: scratches, abrasions... anything can happen in everyday use. We know it and you know it, so let's recognise that it's just the way it is. Damage that has occurred due to external factors such as stones, branches or friends at a concert is not accepted for complaint.

•    Discolouration due to improper maintenance/use/cleaning: a shoe as it is, everyone can see. If it changes colour other than from soiling, it unfortunately has no chance of progressing to the next stage.

•    Damage resulting from the natural wear and tear of footwear: such as the sole wearing down over time or bends appearing. The material is working and it is no one's fault!

•    Motivating complaints about undamaged footwear with abrasions or other foot damage: every shoe is different, as every foot is different. Although we sell full-priced products, we cannot guarantee that it will be perfect for you. We are sorry when a product purchased from us does our customers harm, but the complaint is about defects in the product, not about the fit of the size, material or cut. If you already feel something is wrong after purchase, simply use the return or exchange option!

•    Sending us dirty or wet shoes: we will not pick up on any typical dirt from use, but we will definitely send back to the sender shoes that have just returned from a walk in the rainy forest.

As with returns and exchanges - in the event of a refund, the money will return to your account via the same route as it was paid to us. Whatever you choose, your payment will know the way home.

If you have any questions about complaints, please contact:


1. The Civil Code and the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act shall, of course, apply to all matters not specified here.

2. According to the new paragraphs (2) and (3) of Article 4 of the Law on Price Information of Goods and Services.

3. Whenever a reduction in the price of a good or service is communicated, information on the lowest price for that good or service which was in force during the 30 days prior to the introduction of the reduction shall be displayed alongside the information on the reduced price.

4. If the good or service in question has been offered for sale for less than 30 days, information on the lowest price for that good or service which was in force between the date on which the good or service was offered for sale and the date on which the reduction was introduced shall also be displayed alongside information on the reduced price. 

5. As promised, below are the details for payment by traditional bank transfer:


ul. Nowiec 70
80-293 Gdańsk
Santander Bank:  96109010980000000142853918


KRS: 0000786420

NIP: 9571115965 

REGON: 383395639

1. The regulations are effective as of 20.05.2023.
2. We reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions and assure you that orders placed before the changes are made cannot be affected by these actions.