Men's slippers - styling. What to wear and how to do it?

Well matched, men's slippers are like a suit - perfectly tailored and fitted to a man's figure. So how do you wear this type of footwear? For which occasions is it worth wearing it? We will try to answer these and many other questions in the article below.

Styling with slippers - a few words of introduction

The advantage of the slippers is, above all, their comfort. The high upper effectively protects the ankle, and the low, flat heel makes it easier to move on difficult terrain. One could say that slippers are universal shoes. However, it should be remembered that they will not be suitable for every styling. The lack of laces makes them associated mainly with a casual atmosphere. Can you wear slippers with a suit? Here, opinions are divided. Yes, there are some varieties that will suit formal outfits, but let's be honest: slippers are mainly worn with casual, less formal clothes. 

Men's sneakers vs trousers - what's worth wearing?

What trousers will be suitable for the dapper shorts? Style with stylish, classic trousers. Daggers look great with:

  • jeans, although here it is advisable to choose footwear reminiscent of cowboy boots,
  • fabric chinos, for which classic, minimalist and black slingbacks would be a better option,
  • suit trousers, which are definitely matched with brown slippers.

If you want to maintain an elegant look, it's a good idea to choose trousers of a certain length to go with your slippers. It's best if the leg hem gently touches the top of the shoe. 

What outerwear should you wear men's slippers with?

Trousers are not everything. It's good to know that men's slippers can be worn with virtually any shirt. Whether you opt for a lightweight T-shirt or a weekend shirt, either will look nice with the rest of your styling. The case is different when it comes to the so-called top. If you're looking for an outer garment for the daggers, it's a good idea to go for an iconic blazer or a smart leather ramonese. Don't forget that the garment should match the look and purpose of the shirt. At the end of the day, the styling must form a unified whole. 

So while a formal and timeless turtleneck will be a good complement to such an outfit, the aforementioned chinos and a thick winter (sports) jacket will not be the best combination. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that slippers are footwear for people who like to experiment. It's worth checking in advance how, for example, a navy blue jumper or a rock style jacket will look with them. What's more, not every cut and style of sable shoes will suit a particular outfit. Will suede shoes be suitable for horse riding or more formal meetings? All these options are worth checking in advance to avoid confusion.

Men's slippers - how to match them with an outfit in an elegant and stylish way?

Some mischievous people say that the thing that never changes about sablets is... the sole. That's partly true, as the cobblers (formerly Chelsea boots) come in a variety of styles. Before deciding which ones you'll wear for an occasion, consider which will best protect your feet at any given time of year. Suede slippers may be elegant, but they are unlikely to work in the rain. Also check whether a casual shoe or something more minimalist and elegant would look better with your outfit. Remember that you are only limited by your imagination. And, of course, you need to make sure it all adds up to a well-detailed look.

To sum up, sablets are shoes that will work mainly for casual and semi-formal styling. This is a type of footwear that is sure to be appreciated by any man.